AKRON -- Coming soon to Akron: The Nightlight Cinema.

A nonprofit group is hoping to make independent films a part of the downtown Akron landscape, and they're relying on a popular crowd-funding website to try and make their cinema dreams a reality.

"Akron doesn't have a full-time art house independent theater like Cleveland does, so we needed more screen time, and I think Akron is ready for this," Akron Film and Pixel Executive Director Steve Felix said.

Akron might be ready, but the venue isn't quite there. Nestled in the historical art district on High Street, it promises to boast films you can't see anywhere else in a setting you won't find anywhere else.

"We've really been trying to have this kind of night-life lounge feel to it," designer and food curator Cory Sheldon said. "When you go out to the theater, it feels like you're spending a night out on the town."

It comes complete with a café and bar serving only local dishes -- from cupcakes to craft beers, and, of course, popcorn. Guests can visit the box office or just stop in for drinks, but to enjoy any of that, thousands of dollars still need to be raised.

The team set up a Kickstarter page (mobile users: http://kck.st/1jPefRS) with a goal of $12,000 to help with the finishing touches.

"We're getting there," Felix said. "We could use all the help we can get."

They want to make it a tribute to the golden era of movies, giving the cinema an old, artsy atmosphere.

"The more money we get, it's all going to be going into the details and really heightening the quality we have in the space," Sheldon said.

But that's not raising the ticket prices, they'll be a few dollars less than the large chains, while offering much more than a typical big-screen experience.

"We need more things to do just on a random Tuesday night," Felix said. "We plan to be open six nights a week, so just more things to do on an impulse. When you want to see a movie, we'll be here."

The Nightlight Cinema will have one screen and about 50 seats. They're planning to open this summer, but an official date hasn't been set yet.