ID=7148533BATH TOWNSHIP -- On Friday, PETA contacted the Realtor who is marketing Jeffrey Dahmer's former home at 4480 West Bath Road.

The idea being that ""What Jeffrey Dahmer did shocked everyone, and the violence inherent in putting meat on the table today should also shock all but the most hard-hearted person," says PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. "Establishing a vegan restaurant in Jeffrey Dahmer's old (slaughter)house would allow people to think of all the individuals who are still being killed and eaten and encourage them to practice kindness to animals with every bite they take."

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On Tuesday PETA Media Director Moira Colley sent an updated release, saying that getting zoning of the property to allow a restaurant of any kind " apparently impossible, in part because of issues with the plumbing and waste systems."

PETA had proposed turning the home into a vegan restaurant called Eat for Life: Home Cooking.

"We regret that we won't be able to move forward with this project, even though it was met with some enthusiasm as well as some derisive comments," Colley added.

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"Although some people thought the home's out-of-the-way location was a deal breaker, that was not our opinion. And we were delighted that the real-estate agent representing the home was as enthusiastic about the project as we were," Colley said.

PETA also had another idea. "It was also suggested that we consider converting it into a vegan bed and breakfast, but we're not optimistic that many people would want to make the trip to spend a night in the house.," Colley said.