If you think you have it rough -- try being a bee.

The frigid winter killed between 50 percent and 80 percent of Ohio's honey bees, and this late-blooming spring isn't helping, either.

There's concern about how the fruit and vegetable crops will fare this year.

For Akron apiarist Brent Wesley, the winter wasn't so bad. Not so for the majority of Ohio's beekeepers.

"It's a sad story," he said. "I look online and see beekeepers -- that beekeeping has been in their family for generations -- and they say 'I lost half my hives.' "

Some lost up to 80 percent, which could lead to a bigger problem. No bees means no fruits and vegetables.

Wesley's new to beekeeping but has learned a lot in the past year. His Akron Honey Co. is building a sweet reputation around town, but for him, it's something else.

"It's about the people," he said. "It's not about the farmland in the urban area. It's about people understanding honey bees and really making space for them in their lives every day."