A Summit County family is choosing love – instead of hate after they found themselves on the receiving end of racism.

When the sun came up, it was clear racism had reared it's ugly head in Barberton.

The family who wants to stay anonymous found “The “N word” and hateful statements spray painted on their truck parked in their driveway.

Jenn Wolf passed it on her way to work.

"I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing," said Wolf.

The family had just recently moved in.

"This poor family was going to wake up and see this on their car and it broke my heart," said Wolf.

The family says they were crushed when they read the words.

So off to Montrose Ford of Fairlawn they went, to have it removed. They barely pulled into the lot to find people there were just as appalled.

"When they came back with the truck it looked like it had never been touched. It took them no time at all and they said, “It’s on us. Free of charge."

Meanwhile, Jenn Wolf was starting a P.O. Box for neighbors to send cards, letters, gift cards, anything that would welcome them to the neighborhood.

"A lot of love and joy came out of this situation. We don't raise our children to hate anyone," said the father and grandfather on the receiving end of graffiti hate.

His 16-year-old daughter told Channel 3 News, "No matter race or gender we just like being around people, so it kind of hurt me."

In fact, whoever felt the need to spew hate with spray paint, had they taken the time, instead, to get to know this family,

"They could have stopped by and had a beer and some hot dogs with me," said the father/grandfather.

Jenn Wolf saw that the neighborhood just may be better for having them thee. This family who doesn't even hate the haters.

"Whoever did it, God bless them and their family. We wish them well."

If you would like to send something to this family, the P.O. Bo is below:

Welcome to the Neighborhood

P.O. Box 1153

Norton, OH 44203