CUYAHOGA FALLS -- WKYC helped a family in Cuyahoga Falls after their basement wall collapsed during Monday night's storm.

Jim Stopka thought he was doing everything right trying to get his family downstairs during the severe weather storm.

"I heard two loud horrendous crashes that sounded like a tornado touched down in my backyard. I grabbed my family and ran down the basement stairs," recalls Stopka. "I was watching the wall collapse into the house."

Jim took home video right after it happened.

When the wall collapsed, the outside AC unit fell into the house along with parts of the lawn, including his fence.

All that's left to hold the house up is one beam.

"I'm not allowed to live in this structure, period," said Stopka.

The city hung condemned signs on Jim's front door.

He has roughly 30 days to come up with a plan to either fix the foundation or tear the house down.

He couldn't get an insurance agent out to survey the damage until Monday, a full week after the wall collapsed.

"I am beyond frustrated. I have spent days and days and days beating my head against the wall trying to get a claims adjuster to my home to decide if they will cover me and pay for the damage to my home," said Stopka.

WKYC also called State Farm alerting them to the severity of the damage.

While they were looking into his claim, Jim got a call that State Farm will be sending an agent out Saturday morning.

"God bless Channel 3. You came through in a hurry and made things happen in a heartbeat. God bless Channel 3," smiled Stopka.

The family is hoping this will help get them back into their home.

In the meantime, they are staying in a hotel.