It's maybe one of the most original protests we've seen so far against Donald Trump.

The Trump Hut, which is shaped like Trump's hair, was in Willard Park Tuesday morning after receiving a limited 2-hour permit.

WKYC stopped by Tuesday morning to get the story LIVE on Facebook. We spoke with Doug Cameron, a DCX Growth Accelerator with a small advertising agency in New York City.

According to the press release fact sheet:

Here's what the Trump Hut is all about:

• The Trump Hut is a luxury protesting hut modeled after GOP candidate and real estate mogul Donald Trump’s notorious hairdo and is made from Mexican raffia.
• It utilizes Trump’s most talked about feature — his hair — to comment on the increased wealth inequality a Trump presidency would mean for America: essentially, we’ll all be living in Trump huts if he becomes President!
• Inside the Trump Hut is a total “luxury experience” (i.e., it’s the anti-Occupy Wall Street hippie protest experience): there are four stools for sitting (up to four adults can fit inside), an ornamental rug from IKEA, a bucket for champagne (because #ChampagneActivism) or another beverage, and solar powered lights.
• Trump Huts are for sale. A Kickstarter Campaign will launch in about a week and sell shares in the luxury protest properties starting at $10. To learn more, sign up at
• It’s meant to be ridiculous and make you laugh.

How was it made? And who created it?

• The Trump Hut is made of 98 raffia hula skirts and a wooden frame. The hula skirts are made of dried grass that originates from Oaxaca, Mexico.
• The Trump Hut was conceived back in May 2016 by ad men and artists Douglas Cameron and Tommy Noonan of DCX Growth Accelerator, a Brooklyn-based creative advertising and branding agency. Cameron and Noonan are known for their artistic guerrilla marketing and disruptive cultural stunts, like the “Artisanal Landlord Price Hike Sale” and “AirBnBodega” campaigns in 2015 to support small businesses in NYC and save their local bodega, Jesse’s Deli.
• The Trump Hut was constructed and sculpted by Mexican-born American artist Roxana Casillas.
• The connection to Mexico is no coincidence; Donald Trump has repeatedly insulted Mexicans and is calling for a wall to be built along the Mexican border.
• The Trump Hut made its debut at a a Brooklyn art show, “Gut Rehab”, on June 29, 2016.
Where is it now? Can I visit it?
• The Trump Hut traveled by U-Haul from Brooklyn to Cleveland to protest Donald Trump’s GOP nomination.