Chances are, if you're online a lot, you've set up plenty of accounts using your email. But when you start losing track, can you clean up your tech trail with a couple of clicks?

Monica Robins set out to verify if email clean-up sites really work, in just a couple clicks.

She enlisted the help of Steve Jaworski, research analyst with Secure State and Information Security Company.

They two tested out the app, Deseat Me.

The app requires either a Google or Microsoft log-in and supposedly provides a list of all accounts and services that have been created using that email.

Steve's advice is to manually cancel accounts from the individual sites, despite that being a difficult task.

Is it worth it? It's worth finding out where your data might be but as we can see it worked with one site but not another one and it's still pulling sites that don't exist anymore.

He also suggests typing your email into Google to see if locates any linked accounts.

Bottom line it takes more than a few clicks to clean up your tech trail, but apps like Deseat Me are a good place to start.

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Steve Jaworski, Research Analyst, Secure State and Information Security Company


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