Thursday marks the first full six months of Donald Trump's presidency and his administration says they are focused on deporting criminals and national public safety threats.

Given the recent headlines involving the Jesus Lara-Lopez deportation, we wanted to Verify: Have immigration arrests increased under the Trump administration?

To find out, we contacted Michelle Mittelstadt with the non-partisan Migration Policy Institute in Washington D.C.

In an article set for publication tomorrow, Mittelstadt says an analysis of ICE data shows 41,318 arrests so far this year. That's a 38% increase over the same period in 2016.

Additionally, the Migration Police Institute found 26% of those arrests did not have a criminal conviction, that's more than double the rate during the same period last year.

Mittelstadt says comparing deportations by the Trump administration in recent months wouldn't be entirely fair. It can take months for people arrested in the U.S. interior to be removed from the country.


  • Michelle Mittelstadt, Migration Policy Insititute


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