A contract worker on the Innerbelt Project recently tipped a Channel 3 News employee off to the fact that crews are now repainting the new bridge that reopened to much fanfare in October.

It sounded like a story and on Wednesday, Andrew Horansky went to verify whether that was true.

To find out, Andrew turned to both Amanda McFarland and Matt Bruning of ODOT and learned the answer was yes.

So, what’s going on?

Turns out, a company named Walsh was responsible for building the westbound lanes, while a company named TGR did the eastbound.

Each of those companies, however, painted their sections of steel differently.

McFarland said Walsh painted theirs after they went up, while TGR painted most of theirs beforehand.

When ODOT inspectors found flaws, including scratches and nicks, TGR was asked to repaint certain sections.

McFarland said about 100 contractors are now working on that eastbound bridge, with about half of them doing scheduled touch-up work and the others addressing the sections with flaws.

She said they should be done later this year.

McFarland stressed the bridge is still safe, pointing out that ODOT did its job by catching the flaws.

She said taxpayers will not have to pay for the work and said TGR will cover that cost as part of their agreement with ODOT.