We all know Northeast Ohio doesn't always get to soak in the sun, so with the recent warm weather ; we're all spending more time outside.

Everyone agrees that sunblock is a must, but picking the right kind (spray, lotion, high numbers,low numbers) can be overwhelming; so we verified. What's the best sunscreen?

The sunscreen aisle can be overwhelming.

Bottles, sprays and lotions all claiming to protect you from the sun's harmful rays, so what do we look for?
That SPF Number.

The SPF number stand for sun protectin factor, it's a measure of how long the suncreen can protect you from ultraviolet rays.

WKYC' Jasmine Monroe spoke with Dianan Ponsky, a plastice surgeon from University Hospital who say sunscreen is a necessity.

"You need it! You need it! Every time the suns out,even when you’re in the car."

SPF ranges from 15 to 100.

So many would think the higher the better, right?


Ponsky says any number higher than 30 will protect you from 97 percent of the suns damaging rays.

WKYC put several different sunscreens to the test.

We test four of the most common SPF's including 15,30,50, and 100.

We also tested both spays and lotions.

To see the results from our tests, watch the video above.

Dr. Ponsky also pointed out that bran doesn't play a role in the effectiveness of the sunscreen. She says it's best to choice what works best on you skin. Just make sure it's water resistant and has UVA and UVB protection.

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Doctor Diana Ponsky, University Hospitals


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