Thousands of people travel Ohio Interstates every day. No one likes to catch a glimpse of a dead animal on the side of the road, but it can be a daily occurrence on local interstates. Sometimes it seems, no one’s cleaning it up.

So we wanted to VERIFY: Who’s responsible for removing animal carcasses from the interstate?

O-DOT is responsible for addressing dead animals on Ohio interstates.

We talked with Amanda McFarland. She’s the spokesperson for O-DOT District 12. She tells us, crews do not completely remove the carcass from the scene.

“There is not a spot set aside for us to be able to remove the deer completely from the highway in any one certain spot,” she said.

Rather, the main objective is to move the carcass from drivers’ line of sight. They do this by moving it to a nearby grassy or wooded area, where nature takes its course.

If needed, crews will apply wood chips or lye powder to minimize foul odor. O-DOT crews will get there faster if the carcass is a safety hazard.

“If it’s blocking a lane of traffic we will get to it as soon as possible,” said McFarland.

But it may take longer if the animal’s on the berm. McFarland says O-DOT’s goal is to remove all dead animals in a reasonable amount of time.

McFarland says O-DOT gets several reports every week about dead animals on the road. You can make a report by calling (216) 581-2100.

This report is VERIFIED. The Ohio Department of Transportation is responsible for removing animal carcasses from the interstate.

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Amanda McFarland, O-DOT Spokesperson


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