Google recently announced it's getting into the Streaming Showdown with YouTube TV. Streaming TV lets you watch Live TV over your internet connection for a lot less money than Cable or Satellite TV. But which service, if any, are worth cutting the cable cord for?

The announcement for YouTube TV was pretty unimpressive. The services it's promising though....might wow you. But we wanted to Verify how it stacked up to the existing live streaming services.


-Only service offering a flat $35 fee for about 44 channels, although that will likely increase.
-Only service that live streams the four major Broadcast Networks at that price.
-Includes National and Regional Sports Networks.
-Also has Local News which you typically can't get without an antennae.
-Price includes 6 different accounts.
-Stream on 3 devices at once.

-Missing some pretty big cable channels including TBS, Discovery Channel and Food Network.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the oldest, biggest and some say the best of the live streamers, because you can get a lot of popular channels, without paying for stuff you don’t want.

-Least expensive basic package at $20 with a diverse selection of 30 channels.
-For $40 you can get 162 channels which we found is the most out there.
-Offers the largest number of a la carte/premium channels which you can add for as little as $5 a month.
-Watch it on almost any device, except gaming consoles.

-No Broadcast Networks with lower priced packages.
-Only stream on one device with the basic package.
-No built in DVR, so you have to use the Cloud.

DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now joined the party late last year, and some customer's say the service is not ready for Prime Time.

-$35 basic package offers the most channels with more than 60.
-Most Network channels included.

-Spotty video and missing features.
-No DVR capabilities.
-Only stream on two devices at once.
-No NFL Network.

PlayStation Vue

The PlayStation Vue is not just for gaming consoles.

-$30 basic package has more than 45 channels.
-Price includes all the Broadcast Network channels.
-Stream up to five devices at once--the most of all the services

-No built in DVR
-Smallest channel selection, with just about 90

So based on our findings, unless the stations you watch are not in their lineup, we'll Verify YouTube TV is the best bang for your buck in the Streaming Showdown.

Before you get too excited, you're going to have to wait a couple of months to get YouTube TV. The company hasn't given an exact date of when it's going live. And it's not going to be the whole country at once, just major cities. You can check the channel lineups and their different packages below:

DirecTV Now
PlayStation Vue