VERMILION -- Chunks of ice the size of pontoon boats are wedged underneath dozens of homes along the Vermilion River, while hundreds more stack up in the river.

How the weather plays out over the next few days may decide whether more chunks will jump the river banks or melt off into the Vermilion River.

"It's like a hurricane came through here," says Riverside Drive resident Hugh Coyle. "We are very nervous because it is going to be very cold around here the next few days. This stuff isn't going to move out with the river frozen like that."

While flooding happens pretty regularly in this community -- sites like these haven't been seen in decades.

"There's still a mile and a half to two miles of ice up river -- and this could all reoccur," says April Faley, whose parents' property sits right up at the river's edge.

Home built on stilts may have those chunks puncturing the wood that props them up if things get much worse.

"If it's not one thing, its another here in our little piece of paradise," Coyle says.