VERMILION, Ohio -- Just before 9 p.m. May, 29, police here received multiple calls that a deer was caught in the current of the Vermilion River near the Vermilion Lagoons area, according to the Vermilion Police Facebook page.

It details that several residents had tried to help the young deer out of the water but were unable to do so.

According to the Facebook page, Patrolman Bailey and Patrolman Wood were on duty and are both Marine Patrol Officers as well, so they responded to the area in the VPD Marine Patrol Boat.

They were able to find and rescue the deer near the mouth of the river. The deer was taken back to land where he eventually recovered his strength and returned back to the wild.

Below is a video of the rescue out on the Vermilion River. There is NO AUDIO and it is body cam video from one of the police officers. It is very dark as the sun had just about set when the rescue began.