AVON LAKE -- It's the news many have been waiting for.

The city has lifted water restrictions after a ban was put in place Wednesday due to a supply shortage.

"Success during the night!" a post on the Avon Lake Municipal Utilities Facebook page declared shortly after 6 a.m. Thursday. "We are removing our water restrictions and pumping to our neighbors."

Within seconds of that post, dozens left comments of deep thanks.

"Thank you to everyone at the water dept for long hard and very cold work," Michelle Ackerman-Covell wrote.

"Great news! Get some rest! Thank you!" Maureen Lally McGinty posted.

A state of emergency was issued Wednesday and the water ban put in place due to frozen water intakes in Lake Erie. As a result, residents in Avon Lake and communities that use its water had been told to conserve the use of water.

The National Guard was placed on standby to bring in water tanks and prepared to distribute bottled water. They've been turned around.

Water levels are reportedly close to normal thanks to warmer temperatures, three bypass systems, and crews continuously flushing the system overnight.

Officials with the three Cleveland Clinic facilities in Avon and Avon Lake say they are back to "business as usual."

Earlier Thursday, Mike Laub, Superintendent of Avon Local Schools, sent an e-mail to the staff declaring school would be in session.

"The water tower is filling and the city feels it is safe to move forward and have school today," his e-mail says.