Toronto’s not far from Cleveland, almost a five-hour drive. Blue Jays fans poured into our city this weekend to check out some baseball. They may be from Canada, but many of them told us they’re engaged in American politics.

“I think both candidates are unqualified for the position. I feel like, in Canada, they say they should re-do the election,” said Sascha Prasaud.

We heard some tough talk from these usually polite people. We spoke with a lot of our neighbors to the north, this weekend. Although some were critical, most were interested and well-informed.

“It’s not a foreign topic for us at all. It’s for sure something that is in the news and relevant at home,” Canadian Lindsay Kiely told us.

The U.S. is Canada’s biggest partner in trade and the largest economy in the world. What happens here can have far-reaching effects.

“You’re attached to us. So naturally, we have to follow it,” said Will Avery.

Unlike America, Canada has three major parties. We tend to think of the country as pretty liberal and the Liberal Party is the most popular. But it wasn’t hard to find people on both sides.

“I just think he tells it how it is and that’s who I am,” said Tyson Van Leeuwen, of Donald Trump, sporting a Make American Great Again hat.

These people, anxious to find out what happens, but happy they don’t have to be the ones who choose.

“I have no idea who you guys are going to vote for because of the fact that it is so divisive,” said Avery.