Thousands of people will attend a Friday Jay-Z concert that may also include a possible appearance by Beyonce.

The Hillary Clinton event is designed to energize turnout among African American voters, especially younger voters.

African-Americans do not seem to be voting at the strong levels they did four years ago and eight years ago to elect and re-elect President Barack Obama.

The seeming slump is prompting concern among Clinton supporters.

Cleveland is one of just a few cities getting big-name 'Grand Finale' concerts to encourage more young voters to get to the polls and vote for Clinton.

African-American early voting is reportedly lagging behind 2012 levels in states including Ohio, North Carolina and Florida.

Ohio eliminated a week of early voting where voters could both register and vote at the same time.

But there are two weekends of early voting compared to one weekend last year.

To win Ohio, Clinton needs a big margin in Cuyahoga County. That translates to a strong turnout in African-American voters who traditionally back Democrats.

President Obama appeared in Columbus this week, urging voters to turn out for Clinton.