Viewers have had a lot to say about the way WKYC Channel 3 fought to obtain autopsy information on a public official from Medina County who went missing and then, later, turned up dead.

Some of it was good; some of it was bad.

“Why did WKYC feel the need to stick their nose into this investigation?” tweeted Cheryl.

“Wow Channel 3. Pretty crappy and disrespectful to his family to fight to have this released,” wrote Nicole on Facebook.

“They had to keep digging digging. That’s why I watch Channel 8,” wrote Robert.

But there was also feedback from Bryon Macron’s wife, Victoria, who happened to catch WKYC’s Wednesday night coverage.

“The public can be brutal when they don’t have all the facts,” she texted to WKYC's Andrew Horansky. “This is the first bit of information our family has received.”

Had the public been following the story as closely as Victoria had, they might have noticed missteps along the way.

First, the Medina County Sheriff admitted they never sent divers into Chippewa Lake on the day Bryon Macron went missing, even though his SUV was parked near the shore and had blood inside.

Sheriff Tom Miller said it was because they did not find footprints leading to the water.

“I cannot tell you then why he showed up there [in the water],” the sheriff said, in February.

Then, Medina County made an even more unusual move, refusing to share the trustee’s autopsy results, even though Ohio law permits their release to the media.

Bryon Macron’s wife told WKYC Channel 3 News that the county also kept those records from them.

So WKYC invested the time and money and, ultimately, took the matter to court.

The judge ruled in the TV station’s favor,  releasing an autopsy which, in turn, revealed previously-guarded informationm -- that Macron, a public official and U.S. Marine, a father and a husband, had been brutally stabbed several times before his death.

Nearly four months later, there are still no suspects.

Medina County Prosecutor Forrest Thompson could think of no reason that sharing the information would compromise the investigation, while the Macron family appeared to be genuinely grateful for it.

“Please keep pushing in seeking justice for my beloved Bryon,” Victoria wrote to Horansky.

WKYC remains committed to doing that.