In honor of TEGNA World Day on May 19, WKYC has released a video that recognizes a group of Clevelanders who help us do our job better – our WKYC Community Council.

The video, filmed by WKYC's Steve Pullen, talks about the value that WKYC receives from interacting with members of our Community Council.

It was produced by marketing producer Ryan Radefeld and Director of Advocacy and Community Initiatives Margaret Bernstein.

The council was established in 2016.

Members come from a variety of backgrounds and meet quarterly to learn more about the process of how news reports are assigned and prepared at WKYC. They also share story ideas with station managers, and give advice and insight from their respective communities.

Each Community Council member has recorded a “Square Talk” editorial with General Manager Micki Byrnes on an issue of interest to them..

WATCH | Square Talk editorials

“This group has been amazing,” says Byrnes, in the video. She compliments council members for giving WKYC ideas for stories “that we weren’t even thinking about.”

The council, she adds, has “helped us think about how we best reflect the diversity of our community and how we tell stories that make a difference.”

Byrnes and Bernstein were recognized earlier this year with TEGNA’s highest individual award for Diversity & Inclusion.

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You can follow along on social media using the hashtag #TEGNAWorldDay.