A Cleveland woman is in jail after leaving a boy, 2, strapped in a car seat inside a hot car with a 112-pound mastiff while she went shopping at TJ Maxx Wednesday afternoon, according to Brooklyn Police.

Lauren M. Bork, 28, of Cleveland, is not only facing child endangerment charges but also gave false information to police about who the boy is and who his father is and where she lived. Police learned that she is actually living with the child's father and babysits for the child.

For that she has been additionally charged with falsification and obstructing official business.

Police say that a passerby called them and said there was a "toddler in a car seat and a mastiff in the car."

The caller said "no one is around..." and the "...baby is in direct sunlight."

The caller added that the "...mastiff appears aggressive...(and the) baby is turning red and does not look good."

A mastiff is described as a very large, massive dog that can get to be about 200 pounds.

Bork is in jail and is being held on a $5,000 bond. Child and Family Services is investigating.