MEDINA -- The city of Medina has dropped its request for residents to keep water usage to basic drinking, cooking and personal hygiene needs early Thursday night.

It was the last full community making that request in the wake of problems delivering water from the Avon Lake water plant.

Medina is still telling users to boil water for consumption. That will be in effect until the EPA approves water quality tests, at least noon Friday.

Several neighborhoods in townships served by the Rural Lorain County Water Authority are also being asked to continue boiling their water.

Medina was waiting until its water tanks are at least half full to lift conservation measures.

Medina schools were closed Thursday and will be open Friday with bottled water.

Medina was able to import some water from the Cleveland system through improvised hydrant-to-hydrant hookups with Medina County, which is a Cleveland customer.

Mayor Dennis Hanwell says the water near-crisis will accelerate stalled plans to build a permanent backup connection.

The water problems provided a crash course for many officials and prompted a review of emergency plans by fire departments.

Many cities borrowed tankers to be ready just in case.

The whole episode may wind up being a valuable wakeup call to improve needed backup plans.