MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP-- The Montville Police Department is asking Medina County residents to be mindful of the danger hidden beneath snow-covered ponds and lakes that scatter the landscape of the township.

For the second year in a row, the Montville Police Department has saved a dog that had fallen through ice on a neighborhood pond.

Today the dog fell through the ice in an open section of a snow-covered pond on Brynwood Drive.

Officers Justin Bennett and Dave Pinkas, of the Montville Police Department, responded to the 911 call of a dog stuck in the pond just before 2 p.m. The officers arrived to find that the dog had fallen through thin ice in the center of the pond, where an aerator was circulating water.

Pinkas readied a nearby paddle boat, while Bennett walked approximately eight feet out onto the ice, where he was able to use an animal snare to rescue the dog.

The animal snare was purchased just two weeks ago, when police began looking at a humane way to catch and detain domestic or wild animals that are threatening residents.

Bennett credits the snare for saving the dog, saying that he was able to use the snare as an extension when he reached ice that was too thin for him to walk on.

"I simply put the snare around her neck and pulled her out,: Bennett said. Once off the ice, the snare was released and the dog ran to other rescuers.

Today's incident comes just over a year after "Boomer," a Labradoodle, was rescued off of a pond in the Fox Meadows Development in Montville Township.