Downtown Cleveland has had a re-birth in the past year.

The success of our sports teams, new restaurants, and attractions are drawing many to the city.

As the number of overall residents grows, new numbers show a 200-percent increase five to nine year old's living downtown.

One downtown resident says," you couldn't pay me to live in the suburbs."

Whether you're living it up at the Metropolitan 9 or dining in at the new Chicago chicken and waffles.

There's seems to be an avenue for everyone.

It's not often that you can go to a city and have three or four major sports venues right around the corner from where you work, it's no secret that Cleveland is the place to be.

"It's like a neighborhood it's like living in the suburbs but your downtown Cleveland next to everything."

Brent Zimmerman has been a resident in downtown for nine years and he says living downtown is beneficial for not only him but his son too.

"The fire trucks going by the police going by, he see's everything I think it keeps him engaged."

But he say the best thing of all…

Heinens is an 8-minute walk from here we know that well'

Apartments in a downtown vary in cost, however a $2,400 dollars will get you a two bedroom three bathroom apartment and most importantly a 2-car garage.

Not bad at all for city living.