It's going to take a great deal of time for people here in Murrysville to process all that happened Wednesday.

Some students remain in hospitals fighting for their lives while others many others are still very emotional and shaken, relying on the support and prayers of others to get through this.

"I was scared. I was really scared," said senior Sana Seth.

It's now been hours since unthinkable violence shattered the serenity of Franklin Regional High School.

"The teachers started screaming and running saying 'It's not a joke.' " said senior Natalie Tedesco.

Members from all over this Murrysville community joined together at nearby churches for prayer and some semblance of peace.

Outside a vigil just yards away from the school we spoke with an aunt of the youngest victim.

"Brandon is in stable condition," said Joanne Witkowski. "He was the youngest victim of this tragedy -- 14 years old. … He was LifeFlighted to Children's Hospital for his injuries. … He was in critical condition in the morning. … (It) just missed his liver, colon, punctured his lung, so he couldn't breathe, and his friend helped him to get aid."

A friend helping a friend, a teacher protecting students are just some of the selfless acts of heroism mentioned by witnesses and reflected upon through prayer Wednesday night.

Now as this entire community attempts to begin the healing process, many are counting their blessing and grateful more harm wasn't done.