Some view the changes as just one more place where you can protect yourself, others see it as an increased danger.

Senate Bill 199 lifts the blanket ban on firearms at those locations some may label as "safe zones."

Gun owners will now be able to bring their firearms in daycares, airport public areas, and even college campus' all under certain circumstances.

WKYC contacted several colleges Kent, Akron, Cleveland State, and Stark community college who all told me that they have policies in place to not allow guns on school property - and the new law will not effect those policies.

As for child care centers and daycares they will now have to post a sign if firearms aren't allowed.

Teachers at Smarty Pants Learning Center say they're totally against the new bill.

"It's just scary to think about someone walking in and out with a firearm especially around kids," said Dawn James who works at the center.

"What if a parent comes in and is confrontational with a staff member and pull out a gun there's that case," said Monet Watts.

However, Diane Donnett of Stonewall Gun Range believes this Bill is a step in the right direction.

"Police can't be everywhere, security guards can't be everywhere so you have to be able to protect yourself."

The law also allows active-duty military to carry concealed guns without a permit and prohibits employers from banning permit holders from bringing guns into company parking lots.