PulsePoint is a downloadable app that will notify the user of the need for CPR within a geographical area. The notification employs geolocation to provide this information simultaneously to medical professionals and ordinary citizens alike who, if they so choose, can respond to that location and initiate CPR prior to the arrival of the prehospital emergency care givers.

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University Hospitals EMS Training and Disaster Preparedness Institute provided the funding for the Parma Dispatch Center 911 system.

When a cardiac arrest call is made, the app is activated and anyone using the app who is a quarter mile from the location will be alerted. The app also notifies the user where the nearest AED is located.

It is estimated that a mere twenty-three (23%) of all occurrences of sudden cardiac emergencies receive CPR prior to the arrival of trained medical professionals. Through the use of the PulsePoint app the hope is to improve these statistics and, in essence, save thousands of lives.

PulsePoint is also used in Cleveland, Chagrin Valley, Lakewood, North Olmsted and the Westshore suburbs.