CLEVELAND -- As you might expect, there's a lot of confidence in Dallas that it will wind up with the 2016 Republican National Convention.

WKYC's Senior Political Correspondent Tom Beres spoke with his counterpart at Gannett sister station WFAA in Dallas.

Political reporter Jason Whitely said that Dallas convention planners were somewhat surprised that Cleveland is their surviving competitor.

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He said confidence is running high in Dallas. He said the state's thriving economy would make a good backdrop for Republicans to launch their nominee. He said Dallas is about $20 million ahead of Cleveland in its fundraising efforts, with $46 million already committed.

He admitted Dallas will have a problem if Republicans insist on a June convention. He said an NBA arena conflict and a lack of hotel space makes June impossible to deliver.

He is personally predicting Dallas will win and offering to send barbecue if they don't.

Beres offered him a tour of all Cleveland's cultural and food offerings when he comes to the convention here in 2016.

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