Cleveland's going all out to try to woo and win the 2016 Republican convention.

Mayor Frank Jackson led a team to Washington D.C. to make the city's case.

Is the city prepared to handle an event of this size? Would coming to Cleveland, or Columbus or Cincinnati really give the GOP a better shot at carrying Ohio?

Republicans have not carried their convention state since 1992.

Mayor Frank Jackson gave his ninth State of the City Address. It was actually a conversation between Jackson and WKYC's Russ Mitchell.

Police, schools, potholes and the Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo were some of the topics covered.

Did he deliver a clear picture and report card of where the city is? Is this format effective?

Democratic Governor Candidate Ed FitzGerald reaffirmed his support for gay marriage at a Cincinnati event.

FitzGerald says he would vote for a measure ending Ohio's ban on gay marriage and sign it if it came to his desk as Governor.

Would it help his campaign to have the gay marriage issue on the November ballot? Is this a strong issue for him to promote against Governor John Kasich?

There's renewed debate on the future of the both hated and beloved Chief Wahoo.

The Plain Dealer ran an editorial urging the Indians to retire the Chief logo, calling him an offensive symbol.

Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed wants the city to be at the table on this issue.

He suggests the city should not allow banners around Progressive Field depicting the Chief. The Indians must get a permit for banners on the public right-of-way.

Will the added pressure make the Indians more or less likely to to part company with the controversial Chief?

WKYC's Tom Beres discusses these issues with Politics Writer Henry Gomez and Columnist Mark Naymik on this edition of Between the Lines.