Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's shake-up of police and safety force leadership sent mixed messages and is getting mixed reviews.

Many are applauding the selection of new Chief Calvin Williams, a respected deputy chief and lifelong Clevelander who brings needed diversity to safety force leadership.

Williams replaces Chief Michael McGrath, who replaces Safety Director Marty Flask, who lands in a newly-created six-figure job as special assistant to Mayor Jackson.

Some say keeping leaders who were in charge for so many highly-publicized safety force issues, including the infamous chase and double deadly shooting, hiring of an unqualified Fire Chief, and firefighter shift trade abuse, signals a lack of commitment to meaningful change.

What was the mayor trying to accomplish? Is the timing of the changes significant?

Does he deserve criticism he's receiving about putting old faces in new places?

Senator Rob Portman was on the firing line, speaking about Obamacare's being a disincentive for people to work and casting an important vote against extending unemployment benefits.

Does he deserve to be called the "deciding" vote on that issue? Will he become a more prominent critic of Obamacare because he's not up for reelection this year?

A new voice is speaking out against the sin tax.

Alan Glazen is a former ad man who helped pass the first two sin tax votes, now claiming the campaigns were "deceptive."

Will he help galvanize opposition to the tax? Can he achieve his goal of getting a better deal for the public with some funding going to other community benefits?

Former Governor Ted Strickland is playing the role of a Democratic attack dog.

He shadowed Chris Christie at a Chicago event, calling him a liar or incompetent, for his explanation of the "Bridgegate" scandal.

Will he play that role for Ed FitzGerald in his battle with John Kasich, the man who defeated Strickland?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with Democratic former Shaker Heights Mayor Judy Rawson and Republican former State Representative Matt Dolan on this edition of Between the Lines.