Democrats cheered, Republicans sneered and the pundits have thoroughly dissected the President's State of the Union speech.

Will any of his executive orders or initiatives have significant impact in Ohio? Will income inequality loom large in the Governor's race and Buckeye Congressional races?

Cleveland and Columbus both have their eye on the 2016 Republican Convention. Columbus's mayor guaranteed the GOP would carry Ohio if it met there.

Columbus has made a show pitch. So far, Cleveland's just working behind the scenes. What are the respective city's chances?

Which is likely to be the most effective approach?

In the wake of NJ Gov. Chris Christie's problems, Governor John Kasich is getting more mention as a logical GOP Presidential candidate. How likely is that? What are Kasich's strengths?

The sin tax campaign is now underway.

Will more voters see this as a tax needlessly benefiting rich owners and teams or protecting the public's investment and shoring up downtown's future?

Cleveland's getting a big spread in an insert in February's United Hemisphere flight magazine. What will be the payofff?

WKYC's Tom Beres discusses these issues with Channel 3 Political Analysts Mary Anne Sharkey and Dennis Eckart on this edition of Between the Lines.