Is it a bold step by a progressive city to help its working poor? Or is it an unrealistic bid to hike wages that will hurt Cleveland, its businesses and some of the struggling workers it's intended to help?

Cleveland City Council begins debating a proposed $15/hour Cleveland-only minimum wage.

Raise up Cleveland , the group promoting it, claims it's do-able and overdue.

Businesses and Mayor Frank Jackson oppose it, claiming it would put the city and its businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

It could wind up on the ballot this fall.

What will a Trumpfest convention mean for Cleveland?

How will Ohio's Republicans, who widely supported Governor John Kasich, embrace or reject Trump as their party's nominee that will lead their ticket?

And why are the Army Corps of Engineers and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency constantly at odds about issues dealing with Lake Erie? Now they are arguing over whether there is a genuine threat to Cleveland's water supply.

WKYC's Tom Beres discusses these issues with Democratic former Congressman Dennis Eckart and former Plain Dealer reporter, editor and columnist and now political adviser Mary Anne Sharkey on this edition of Between the Lines.

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