The Black Shield Association is calling on Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association President Steve Loomis to rescind the union's endorsement of Donald Trump.

"The endorsement of a candidate who is reckless and has a history of being racist and has continues to insult people from different backgrounds and religion is totall unacceptable, " said Black Shield President Lynn Hampton.

Bishop Eugene Ward of the Greater Love Baptist Church said, "Yes, this is America. but you've got to respect all of America."

The group held a Thursday afternoon press conference joined by ministers and advocacy group representatives.

Less than one-fourth of the union's membership voted on the endorsement.

The ballot did not include an option not to endorse at all.

"The endorsement of Donald Trump does not represent the position of the vast majority of Cleveland Police officers and should be rescinded immediately," Hampton said.

Hampton also said new disclosures of alleged Trump abuse of women are now a factor.

"For a police organization to back someone that could be a suspect in crimes seems hypocritical ," he said.

Loomis has said Trump's promises to supply more federal resources to local law enforcement is in the best interest of his membership and all Cleveland residents who want a safer city.

And he claims Hillary Clinton has rushed to judgment in controversial police shooting cases taking an anti-police position.

Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed called for Loomis to be removed from his position on a consent decree panel working to improve police-community relations.

He has cited an October 4th Loomis interview with WKYC's Russ Mitchell in which Loomis disagreed that there are serious problems with police community relations.

"As long as he sits on that commission with those thoughts, that mindset, you are always going to have someone poisoning that position," Reed said.

Reed wants U.S. District Judge Judge Solomon Oliver, who is overseeing the consent decree, to oust Loomis from the panel.

A coalition of groups agreed to ask Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson to ask the judge to remove Loomis.

Others called on Loomis to step down.

NAACP President Mike Nelson said, "Steve Loomis is the face and voice of the Cleveland Police Department. What he has is great influence. What he lacks is great judgment."

Mayor Jackson's spokesman Dan Williams said the mayor is not yet part of this conversation until he receives a request.

On Thursday, Loomis was busy in an arbitration on union business and unavailable for comment.

Union spokesman Joe Rice said there would be no rescinding of the endorsement.

Loomis has said he would not step down from the panel.

Hampton claims Loomis and the union executive board could take back the endorsement.

Other sources familiar with union procedure claimed it would take another full membership vote.