ID=10378573CLEVELAND -- The wining and dining and schmoozing are over.

Now Republicans must reconvene and sort through proposals of four finalist cities to decide where to hold their 2016 convention.

They just completed their two-week blitz through Cleveland, Kansas City, Denver and Dallas.

Cities will get a chance to "sweeten" their proposal and get closer to a final, final package.

Cleveland will make changes to its financial and logistical proposals. Other cities are expected to make changes too.

Pundits and observers have been parsing Republicans' walk-off comments from their trip to each city, looking for hints which way they might be leaning.

Members of Cleveland's convention-hunting team believe the last two weeks did nothing to hurt the city's chances and likely improved the city's chances, which they believe remain very strong because the city's package has no glaring weakness or deficiency.

Republicans hope to announce a done deal with the winning city Aug. 8

One unanswered question? Will they first narrow the field from four to two, perhaps creating a bidding war of sorts?

While Cleveland waits for the Republican verdict, its team is simultaneously working to woo Democrats, too.

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