CLEVELAND -- They came. They talked. They left.

That's about all that can be said with certainty concerning a two-day visit by a handful of Republican technical staffers led by Site Selection Committee Chairwoman Enid Mickelsen.

There was no parting statement or media event. Multiple sources say they trip focused mainly on do-ability, details and dates of a possible 2016 convention in Cleveland.

Cleveland and Dallas are in a winner-take-all battle.

Republicans did not make a similar visit to Dallas.

Cleveland's offering possible start dates of June 27 and July 18. Dallas is telling Republicans July 18 is your one and only choice.

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Both Dallas and Cleveland have arena commitments to the NBA for possible playoff finals.

The last game would likely be around July 17.

But Republicans want to take control of the site arena 4 to 6 weeks before the convention starts.

Cleveland's Convention Host Committee and the Cleveland Cavaliers worked to convince Republicans the arena could be convention-ready in much less time.

The Site Selection Committee could meet and vote in a yet-to-be chosen date in July. The decision would be to begin negotiations with one or both cities.

Most guess one city would be chosen, in effect declaring a winner before a former done deal announcement planned Aug. 8 at a Republican gathering in Chicago.

Cleveland is also pursuing the 2016 Democratic Convention, the only city vying for both conventions.

A statement was released late Tuesday on behalf of Mayor Frank Jackson and the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee Chai Terry Egger:

"During the last 24 hours, the Cleveland 2016 Host Committee had the pleasure of meeting with a small contingency of the RNC Site Selection Committee, including Chairman Enid Mickelsen, here in town. During this brief visit the committee took a deeper look at our facilities and hotel package as well as got an update on our bid. They showed no concerns, rather were so impressed by what they saw last month that they wanted to discuss some creative ways to best utilize our city's many assets and ultimately put forth the best proposal for consideration among the entire site selection committee.

"Our host committee has had the pleasure of getting to know the RNC Site Selection Committee throughout this process and we have the utmost respect for the group and the thoroughness in which they are going about making this very important decision.

"There are few cities that can tout $5 billion in public and private investment in their downtown core over the past few years. This process has created an incredible opportunity for Clevelanders to take pride in what we have built, and at the same time, has allowed the rest of the world to re-discover Cleveland. Now, our job is to keep the foot on the gas and bring this convention home. As we've said all along… In 2016, the road to the White House starts here…and finishes here!"