CLEVELAND -- The City of Cleveland has completed a change in its police and safety command structure.

Monday morning, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson administered the oaths to the city's new leaders.

Those changes include Deputy Chief Calvin Williams being named the new chief of police. Williams is a 27-year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department.

As Deputy Chief, he had control over 75 percent of Department manpower.

Chief Williams says he's excited "to be named chief of this great city." He says he will work towards strengthening the city's trust in the department and work towards making the department's workings transparent.

"I am keenly aware of the challenges the department faces," said Chief Williams. He says he looks forward to working with the men and women of the police department in meeting those challenges.

Williams's appointment also addresses another issue. Cleveland's top safety force leadership had been all white men.

Both Bishop F.E. Perry and Rev. E.T. Caviness said ministers had just meet with the mayor and were pleased by Williams appointment.

See photos of each person who was sworn in:


Current Police Chief Michael McGrath has been sworn-in as the city's new Director of Public Safety. McGrath has served as the city's police chief since his appointment in March of 2005. He is a 41 year veteran of the department.

McGrath in an emotional speech said he had mixed emotions as he began the transition to his new role which finds him going from a police officer to a civilian. "I'm greatly appreciative of the mayor." McGrath acknowledged he has big shoes to fill in replacing outgoing Safety Director Martin Flask.


Police unions were careful in their comments about the changes.

The CPPA's leaders had called for McGrath to be fired. And while it's obvious his promotion does not please them, President Jeff Follmer said he was withholding comment until he could evaluate how things work out.

F.O.P. President, Captain Brian Betley said he was pleased all the players in new positions are from within the department rather than having an appointee coming in from outside. He expected the normal disagreements between management and union to continue.

Some critics had issues with the changes, pointing out that the chase/shooting, hiring of an unqualified fire chief and issues with firefighters abusing shift trades all happened on Flask and McGrath's watch.

Ironically , 12 firefighters plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge hours after the safety force changes were announced.

Michael Nelson, Co-Chairman of the NAACP Criminal Justice Committee said, "You still have the status quo. You have a dynamic new chief who will answer to the same two guys that have been presiding over this mess for ten or eleven years..Promote Calvin. Show the other two guys the door,"

Others being promoted included Capt. Dennis Hill named as commander of the 5th district. Commander Wayne Drummond has been promoted to deputy chief of police.

Current Safety Director Martin Flask will now work directly for Mayor Jackson. Flask has served as safety director for eight years during Jackson's administration.

The shake-up in the city's safety and police command comes as the Cuyahoga County prosecutor continues its investigation into a November 2012 police chase and shooting that left two people dead. The prosecutor will determine if any police officers will face criminal charges. The chase ended in a hail of gunfire during which officers fired 137 times at the car.