CLEVELAND -- Mayor Frank Jackson's spokeswoman Maureen Harper says the "'s appeal process for automated traffic camera tickets has been suspended while we continue to review the ruling and determine our next steps."

This after the 8th Ohio District Court of Appeals ruled Thursday the city must allow drivers to fight tickets in Municipal Court, not before a hearing officer as it has been handled.

Harper said "In addition, the cameras are still active. However, there is a 2-3 week time period between when a photo of a speeding/red light violation is taken and when an individual receives the notice in the mail. This gives us time to make decisions regarding next steps prior to additional tickets being sent out."

This comes after a driver who challenged the way Cleveland handles traffic camera tickets has won a jurisdiction issue but couldn't get his fine overturned. The court said Cleveland's system violates the requirement that tickets come under Municipal Court.

Sam Jodka of Columbus sued over how Cleveland handles challenges of ticket fines up to $200. He lost a bid to get reimbursed for his fine because he didn't challenge it.

His attorney said he expects to appeal the fine issue.