Ohio’s 18 electoral votes are still anybody’s game, but according to the latest poll data Donald Trump is gaining ground here. Ohio’s one of several so-called battleground states, but it might be the ultimate one. If Clinton can beat Trump here she essentially wins the election.

According to the latest data from RealClearPolitics.com, Donald Trump is up in Ohio 46.8 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 44.3 percent. That’s good news for him. Ohio is crucial to his campaign. Although still important for Clinton, Ohio is no longer make or break. Her campaign says she can reach 270 electoral votes without Ohio, but she’s still focused here.

She visited Kent State University on Monday and is scheduled to appear this Friday during the Jay-Z concert at Cleveland State.

Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, visited Cleveland State this past Saturday.

“They normally send me to places where her opponent is strong,” he said.

The Clintons are vying for the college and minority crowd, but Trump is fighting for them, too. He said this to a Cleveland crowd in September after a visit to the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy:

“I just met some of your students and they have a great future. They’ll be taking my jobs someday.”

With a slight lead here, Trump and his running mate have decided to spend the next several days in other states that could decide the election including Florida, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

In a final push, Donald Trump has added $10 million of his own money for advertising in swing states like Ohio. It’s a needed move, as more than 21 million people across the country have already voted with Democrats showing up in higher numbers.