It's only three weeks until American will pick their next President from two candidates who are not respected by a significant part of the electorate.

Who is leading in the poll nationwide?

Hillary Clinton is widening her lead in the aftermath of disclosure of remarks by Donald Trump describing offensive behavior toward women.

Real Clear Politics has crunched numbers in the latest polls. In surveys involving third party candidates, Hillary Clinton leads by an average of 5.7 percent.

How many voters are still uncertain?

Polls indicated about 15 percent of voters are still making up their minds. At this stage four years ago, the number of undecided voters was about 5 percent.

What are now the most important states?

The Trump campaign is focusing on Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania as must-win states to reach the needed number of 270 electoral votes

The Clinton campaign's insurance firewall includes the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Who is best poised to win the Electoral College?.

Several studies figure Clinton's odds of winning enough electoral votes is around 90 percent.

What should Clinton be most concerned about?

It's still very likely there could be one or more October surprises involving her husband Bill or herself.

Perhaps there will be more serious Wikileaks e-mails or more aggressive reporting, like a USA Today report that companies used lobbyists who were Clinton fundraisers to interact with her State Department.

And there's always the chance that all those polls could be very wrong.

The poll predictions that British voters would decide to stay in the Economic Union are a stark reminder of that.

What should Donald Trump be most anxious about?

Simply put, he is trying to pull off a huge comeback with many fewer workers and volunteers, much less campaign money, and many loyal Republicans turning away from his now underdog campaign.