Should Cuyahoga County voters extend the present sin tax another 20 years to pay for repairs on Cleveland's three publicly-owned sports facilities?.

Supporters say the stadiums have brought visitors and dollars downtown and helped create lots of jobs.

And keeping the buildings in good shape will help sustain that momentum and is required by lease obligations.

Failure to pass the tax could mean painful cuts in city and county budgets..

Opponents say the tax is unfair and being promoted by teams and the business community because it is politically expedient and the most "do-able" of possible options. They propose reopening leases in negotiations with the teams.

This edition of Between the Lines is a debate on Issue 7.

WKYC's Tom Beres, columnist Mark Naymik and Democratic former Congressman Dennis Eckart ask the questions.

Speaking for the sin tax is Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley.

Speaking against the tax is Peter Pattakos from the group the Coalition against the Sin Tax.