Governor John Kasich wants to reset his budget in the reelection year.

He's proposing a significant income tax cut. But to get it he will need to persuade lawmakers to enact a whopping new tax on cigarettes and a severance tax on natural gas and oil from fracking drillers.

He's also proposing many "humanitarian" measures, including more help for dropouts, more career counseling for young people, job and education help for veterans and more assistance for those battling substance abuse and mental illness.

Will gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald attack the income tax cut as a boost mainly for the rich? Will Republican lawmakers give their governor most of what he wants in this election year?

There's a new coalition against the sin tax and sin tax backers are touting the charitable donations of Cleveland's pro sports teams as another reason to be for the tax.

Who is in the group? Is there outside money from other lobbying groups involved?

Next week, Cleveland promoters will roll out a new "brand" for Cleveland as a destination city. What should Cleveland's brand be?

Will it help bring political conventions here? Why is the campaign being done by a Kansas City firm instead of locals?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with Channel 3 political consultants Mary Anne Sharkey and Dennis Eckart and Positively Cleveland's David Gilbert on this edition of Between the Lines.

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