Hillary Clinton's campaign manager claims she can overtake Donald Trump in the polls to win Ohio.

Election officials claim early voting is down from four years ago in Ohio and crucial Cuyahoga County.

But Mook offers numbers to dispute that, claiming early voting so far bodes well for the campaign.

Clinton will be here Friday for a Jay-Z concert, and again on Sunday for a campaign appearance.

Monday, she campaigned at Kent State and visited a soul food restaurant in Cleveland.

Cleveland is one of a few cities getting grand finale concerts by Clinton-supporting artists to push for pump-up voters.

Mook downplayed threats of possible voter intimidation from Trump supporters. That issue is being argued locally in Federal Court. The question: Can Trump supporters be self-appointed poll watchdogs?.

He discussed other topics, including the possible impact from the FBI's reopened investigation into e-mails found on former Congressman Anthony Weiner's computer in this interview with Tom Beres.