Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Director Pat McDonald is upset by Donald Trump's unsubstantiated claims that the election is being "rigged."

But he is planning for possible election day tension because of them.

Monday, Trump added more fuel to the fire with a Tweet claiming: "There is large scale voter fraud happening now and before Election Day," without offering any details of when, where, or how.

That hits a nerve with McDonald.

"It is irresponsible and dangerous because we have policies and procedures that will protect every ballot," he said.

There are additional security officers and Sheriff's Deputies on board grounds for early voting.

Surveillance cameras, much like those in casinos, are scattered throughout Board of Elections headquarters.

Doors to secure areas have double locks. A Democrat has one key. A Republican has another.

By-mail ballots are now arriving and being kept in a secure room until they are ready for counting closer to the elections.

There are also new, cyber-security measures in place, making this what will certainly be the most protected election in Cuyahoga County history.

And the most important Board of Election information is not accessible from the Internet.

McDonald claims some Trump backers have showed up at the Board of Elections since early voting began falsely claiming to be election watchdogs and asking questions as "observers" for the Trump campaign..

McDonald says he ordered them to leave and told them they needed to come back with official certification.

McDonald is also concerned about such vigilante poll monitoring by Trump supporters on Election Day.

He has met with Cuyahoga County Sheriff's personnel to discuss extra security precautions and will be reaching out to all suburban police departments asking them to pay special attention to polling places on Election Day.

Some national civil rights groups have asked the Justice Department to monitor the situation for possible voter intimidation.

Trump's allegations of "rigging" have also been directed to the media, claiming it's aggressive reporting on him is not being balanced with similar coverage of issues like revelations in Hillary Clinton campaign e-mails being released by Wikileaks.