A Federal Judge in Cleveland is issuing an order aimed at stopping any voter harassment on Tuesday.

Judge James Gwin indicated he will likely make a generic order against both Republicans and Democrats harassing voters entering or leaving polling places.

The Judge made his verbal announcement from the bench after a two-hour Friday hearing.

Democrats had sought a temporary restraining order against both the Donald Trump campaign and Ohio Republican Party intimidating voters.

Trump had urged his backers to act as watchdogs at polling places to make sure the election is properly run.

But Democrats said his and some of his supporters comments sounded like threats of intimidation.

Ohio Democratic Chairman David Pepper said, "The judge is going to make it clear it's not appropriate or legal to harass or intimidate people at the polls. So the good news is voters should not worry about that. That was our whole purpose here."

There are existing laws and rules governing the selection of official campaign poll watchdogs and banning politicking within 100 feet of polling places.

Christopher Ernst, a lawyer representing the Ohio Republican Party said, "The party is engaged in no illegal behavior, no intimidation, nothing along those lines. And that's what the court found."