Hillary Clinton was missing in action in Ohio for 29 days.

Tuesday, she had a twofer campaign day, making stops in Toledo and Akron.

In Akron, she was elated discussing Lebron James endorsement.

"He has given back to his hometown...I may become President, but he will be King of Ohio," she said to cheers.

She had a double main message.

With Ohio ending voter registration and starting early voting next week, she made an all-out appeal to her audience to vote and make sure their friends and family members did too.

But did her long absence, mean Ohio is no longer a must-win state for her campaign?

Her campaign manager has said she could easily get the needed 270 electoral votes without winning the state.

But numbers crunchers believe the Buckeye State is essential for any path to a Trump victory, which would explain his multiple appearances in Northeast Ohio since Labor Day.

Clinton derives strong support from Hispanic and African American voters as well as more educated women.'

Ohio is less diverse educated than other key states.

Clinton pledged to push for a new law requiring any major party candidate for President to release tax returns.

She called Trump the "poster boy" for the rigged system he pledges to changes.

And she zeroed in on Trump's big losses publicized in tax documents asking, "What kind of genius loses a billion dollars."

Clinton's campaign still wants Ohio as a roadblock to Trump and hopes two more debates and heavy Trump bashing advertising will change enough voters' minds to deliver it.