Sure, you know about the contentious presidential race, but what about the other issues that will impact you closer to home?

Let’s start in Cleveland where Issue 32 is on the ballot. That’s the proposed hike in the city’s income tax from 2 percent to more than 2.5 percent. If it passes, Mayor Frank Jackson says it will pay for reforms to the Cleveland Police Department. Keep in mind, about 80 percent of the income tax comes from people who live outside of the city.

ELECTION DAY | What to know before voting


In Lakewood, voters face Issue 64. A “yes” vote backs the decision to replace Lakewood Hospital with a family health center and emergency department. A “no” vote aims to keep the hospital operating.


There are a handful of notable school levies also on the ballot.

  • Issue 108 in the Cleveland schools: A renewal of the levy from a few years ago. This would continue the district’s transformation plan. A “yes” vote will not increase taxes since it’s a renewal.
  • Issue 107 in Berea schools: A bond issue to build a new high school and renovate other buildings.
  • Issue 118 in Parma schools: A renewal as the district faces a multi-million dollar deficit throughout the next two years.
  • Issue 45 in Revere schools: A bond issue to raise $68.2 million during a 30-year period to build a new high school and elementary school. If passed, renovations would also be made to the existing Hillcrest Elementary and Revere Middle School buildings.
  • Issue 40 in Cuyahoga Falls: A renewal that would not increase your taxes. School officials say passage of Issue 40 would allow the district to meet their expenses.