While most voters cast their ballots today with little fanfare, some others struggled.

(To report any voting concern you may have encountered, contact our “Verify” team on social media using #VerifyVotes or e-mailing verify@wkyc.com)

Perhaps the biggest disruption turned out to be much ado about little. A voter at Bethany Baptist Church on East 105th Street became irate after being told he was in the wrong polling place. Some words were exchanged and after the man left, reports surfaced that the man threatened to return with a gun.

That happened about 10 a.m. By late afternoon, Cuyahoga County election officials debunked the story.

“Upon further investigation by law enforcement officers who interviewed witnesses, they could not substantiate this claim and they tell us that it appears that there was some miscommunication and second hand information among our poll workers and observers that led to this complaint,” said Mike West, a spokesman for the elections board.

Elsewhere in Cuyahoga County, a woman was turned away after she tried to use her passport for identification.

One person tweeted: "millennial voters in line ahead of me brought passports as identification & turned away. Don't drive so no licenses. Now what?"

Cameron Gorman of the WKYC Verify Team contacted the American Civil Liberties Union. A spokesperson said passports are not considered proper identification. However, voters should be giving a provisional ballot, which would allow the citizen to vote and have their address confirmed later.

At Lincoln-West High School on Cleveland's West Side, a woman with multiple sclerosis told WKYC's Drew Horansky that she sought the help of poll workers and wound up having her ballot scanned without her entering any choices. A worker for the Cuyahoga County elections board was investigating.

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At the Canton Regency assisted living facility, serving Jackson Township voters, one eyewitness reported that upwards of five voters were denied ballots, with just one being offered a provisional ballot.

A representative from the Stark County Board of Elections said that she had heard the five in question had expired ID’s.


Alexandra Fletcher, of Lakewood learned the hard way that a passport does not fit the valid ID requirements.

Fletcher went to Lakewood United Methodist Church on Detroit Avenue around noon today, but was told by precinct workers that she could not vote with her passport.

Fletcher was able to cast her ballot by showing a bank statement, but says that the rules should be clear so that voters know not to bring passports with them.


Early in the morning, a ballot scanner at Advent Lutheran Church in Solon was broken, with the screen showing an error message.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections was notified of the problem.


One viewer who saw precinct officials try to make a voter take off a “Make America Great Again” hat wanted to know if it was legal.

While the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office does state that material showing a candidate’s name is not permitted, slogans such as “Make America Great Again” and “Nasty Woman” remain unclear.

In Mayfield Heights, a voter marveled after election poll workers allowing people to vote by providing old bank statements or utility bills. She also alleges a woman at the polling site boasted of voting twice. The Verify Team is investigating.