SOLON -- 14th District Democratic Congressional Candidate Michael Wager is pledging that, if he beats incumbent David Joyce, he will say "no thanks" to perks he claims many Congress members abuse.

He called on Joyce to do likewise.

"Congressman Joyce has already taken advantage of Congressional perks that allow him to collect an Ohio taxpayer-funded pension of over $60,000 a year while getting his Congressional salary of $174,000 plus thousands of dollars every month in perks, including $18,000 in free foreign travel," Wager said.

He continued, "It's time to put an end to self-serving loopholes that have allowed politicians like Congressman David Joyce to live like the wealthiest 1 percent on taxpayers' money."

Wager commits to rejecting the following Congressional extras:

  • No pay raise until Congress passes a livable minimum wage
  • No Congressional pension as Social Security should apply to all members of Congress instead of their more generous retirement plan
  • No taxpayer or privately funded overseas trips except to military bases
  • No working as a lobbyist after leaving office
  • Require Congress members to disclose when they vote for tax breaks that benefit them, their immediate family or business holdings.

Kevin Benacci, Joyce's campaign manager responded," Not only is Michael Wager a Wall Street attorney who admitted that he turned a blind eye to corruption in Cuyahoga County, he also funneled millions of dollars back to his law firm while he served on the Cuyahoga County Port Authority Board. This latest press release gimmick was sent to Wager by Nancy Pelosi's campaign arm and has been copied and pasted by numerous Democrats across the country. Wager is proving he doesn't bring an original idea to the table and simply wants to go to Washington to push the Obama-Pelosi agenda that brought us Obamacare."

This is the most-watched Congressional race in Northeast Ohio.

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