The United States Supreme Court has refused a request from Ohio's Democratic party to restore a Federal Judge's order banning voter intimidation.

Friday, Judge James Gwin issued an order banning anyone from harassing voters.

But over the weekend a Court of Appeals said Ohio law already covers such behavior and rescinded his order.

The Democratic Party made its unsuccessful request to the U.S. Supreme Court.

But the United States Justice Department says Cuyahoga County will be one of 67 voting jurisdictions it will monitor for possible civil rights violations at the polls

And local election officials are taking steps to be prepared for possible problems.

Trump and some supporters have encouraged his backers to "watch" to make sure the election is properly run.

Cuyahoga County Election Board Director Pat McDonald says county sheriff's deputies will be standing by for possible problems. Suburban police departments have been alerted to be at the ready and pay closer attention to polling places.

McDonald said he received an e-mail seemingly from a Trump supporter who claimed there would be 240 poll watchdogs "monitoring " Cuyahoga County voting.

McDonald said if voters feel unsafe or hassled, they should notify a poll worker or call the Board of Elections. He adds Cuyahoga County voters should be prepared to wait up to a half hour in line.

He predicts election results may not be available until midnight or later.