The mood of the voters is one of the most important political factors in an election year. This year, voters are anxious, frightened and angry.

Some voters around the country have been turned away from the polls or report not having a pleasant experience because of a few simple things they overlooked.

1. Make sure you go to right polling place.

"So, if they're talking with a family member and someone says I voted at the library today during advanced voting and they're waiting to vote on election day," says Georgia’s director of elections Chris Harvey, "They're probably going to be going to a different location."

2. Make sure you are properly dressed to vote. That means Hilary Clinton ponytail holders, Donald Trump earrings or Gary Johnson characters are not allowed. Harvey says the intention of the law is to remove any undue influence.

"The polling place is a special place, it's where we go to exercise one of our most basic rights and I think it’s good that the law recognizes that," says Harvey. "I think that it’s good that the laws provide that type of sanctity and security."

But if you plan to write-in a candidate, like Minnie Mouse, you can wear a 'Vote for Minnie' shirt since she's not printed on the ballot.

3. Don't underestimate the time it takes to go through the ballot as that can cause frustration and confusion.

"They think 'Hey I’m voting for president, and they don't realize that you’ve got a lot of other people on the ballot and a lot of other issues on the ballot," says Harvey. "They need to be prepared for that."

You can bring in notes to help get you through those amendments, and special issues. But no cell phones or electronic devices allowed inside the polling location.

4. Don't wait too long to notify poll workers of a problem.

"If at any point you have a problem with the machine or you're confused, you can raise your hand, you can get the attention of a poll worker, as long as you have not cast your ballot," says Harvey "As soon as you hit that cast-ballot button and your vote goes in and that card ejects, you have cast your vote."