The two Presidential debates thus far have largely been personal and ugly. What should viewers expect in Wednesday night's grand finale, third event in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a venue for many big-time boxing matches. This promises to be a verbal slugfest.

Since the last debate, there have been new allegations about Donald Trump's alleged mistreatment of women and an avalanche of damaging Wikileaks-provided Hillary Clinton e-mails that show her saying one thing in private and another in public.

Both candidates are expected to challenge the other on those issues.

Moderator Chris Wallace has indicated he may pose questions about topics largely neglected in the first two debates, like immigration, the national debt, entitlements and what Clinton or Trump Supreme Court appointments would mean to the country.

With a growing lead in the polls, some are advising Clinton to "go high" and appear Presidential.

Will Trump be "unshackled" and strive to create a deluxe TV moment provocation of Clinton? Will he attempt to connect with women voters and offer further explanations or perhaps apologies for his lewd comments?

This could be the final defining moment of the campaign.

Both campaigns are hoping their candidate can land a knock-out punch.